Bonus pics?!

So, the seed I just uploaded “I don’t know, sir.” was so dang purty that I had to upload more than 4 pictures.  So, today marks the first time I’m doing bonus pics for a seed.  I think I’ll keep this up when I find a particularly beautiful seed.


Also, no one has guessed the movie yet.  It’s starting to get easier.

The game is afoot!

So, today’s seed of “What’s the point of” marks the first post in our contest.  From this point forward, all of the seeds will be text from a movie.  The first person to guess the movie will win a prize.  Probably a free Minecraft account or something rad like that.

After a week or so, if no one has guessed correctly, I’ll make it little bit easier.  Or… maybe not.

Good luck and spread the word!

P.S. Limit of one guess per person.  So you can’t spam movie titles until you win.  If your first guess is wrong, you are OUT.